121 Community Church & COVID-19 Click here for the latest update.

March 26, 2020 COVID-19 Update


Our team is working hard to make it easier for you to Worship the Lord with us Sundays at 9am, 11am and 5pm:

1. NEW THIS WEEK: In response to your feedback, we are adding Live Streaming on our YouTube Channel!
2. NEW THIS WEEK: Live services return to the 121 App. (for iPhone, iPad or Google Play devices)
3. SAME AS LAST WEEK: Join us live on FaceBook or live.121cc.com.


Being in community is more important now than ever before. NEW GROUPS are starting so that more 121ers can build relationships and study God's Word together, hosted through a simple-to-use online tool (ZOOM). Please contact 121groups@121cc.com, our team would love to help you join a group.


So many of you are eager to serve and meet needs resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. Interested in helping out? Join the team here.


We're asking everyone who follows Christ to share the story of how you came into a saving faith in Christ on your social media channels. To participate, please video your testimony and post it on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter using #testimonychallenge! Then, tag ten of your friends and challenge them to do the same.

Questions or Ideas?

March 17, 2020 COVID-19 Update

We've been praying and seeking God on what the best course of action is in light of the moment by moment changes associated with COVID-19. Per Ross' update, here is how we are living out our worship of God and mobilizing to serve our communities:

1. Join us from your living room or wherever you are Sunday morning for worship services at 9AM, 11AM and 5pm in any of the following three ways:

  1. From a web browser at live.121cc.com
  2. From our 121 app for iPhone or Android
  3. On our Facebook page

A thought would be to gather with your family, or you may want to watch with your LifeGroup or some friends. We encourage everyone to practice the guidelines from the CDC if you choose to gather.

2. Being in community is more important now than ever before. Our LifeGroups are becoming virtual and will be hosted through ZOOM and other online tools. We'll do whatever it takes to gather together during this time. Your LifeGroup leader will be in touch with you to tell you what your individual groups will look like. If you are not in a LifeGroup, we anticipate starting some new virtual groups in the days ahead. Questions - Contact 121groups@121cc.com.

We are doing an all church study to accompany Sundays' messages and we would love for you to download a free copy here.

3. So many of you are eager to serve and meet needs. Our mission staff is building a 'Serve Team' and would love to capture your name, phone and email to be notified when new opportunities to help arise. You can join the team here.

4. Now more than ever we are in a unique opportunity to let the Light of Christ shine through on social media. Our staff will be sharing videos of intentional ways we are sharing time with God and with our loved ones, and posting those videos to social media. We would love to feature your story as well! Please submit your video to Lauren.Rose@121cc.com from your smartphone at any time.