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This post was written by a 121er serving in the Middle East.

TODAY starts the month of Ramadan for 1.6 billion Muslims around the world. That’s 1,600,000,000 – nearly 1 out of every 4 people on earth!

Ramadan is an important month each year for Muslims as they seek to earn favor with God and increase their faith. They do this through fasting during daylight hours, praying regularly, and giving generously to those in need. Living among Muslims, I am deeply saddened to see those around me strive in vain to earn righteousness. Would you join with me in the next month in intentionally asking God to reveal Himself to Muslims throughout the world?

This year, Ramadan starts the evening of May 26, and ends the evening of Saturday, June 24.

My challenge for 121 is to choose a way to be actively involved in Ramadan this year!

Here are 10 ways YOU can make a difference during Ramadan this year:

1. Pick a meal a day or a meal each week to fast and use that time to pray for Muslims around the world (I will be fasting lunches!). 

2. Set alarms on your phone to coordinate with one – or all five – of the Muslim Calls to Prayer each day and use that time to pray. (Example: 9:15am each day)

3. Sign up for Rethinking Ramadan, a daily-during-Ramadan email from Arab World Media to learn more about Muslims and pray through the 30 days!

4. Go to a local Arab food restaurant with your family and talk about the beauty of different cultures as you pray for the nations (I recommend falafel and shish tawook!). 

5. Commit to learning more about Islam and their beliefs so you can better engage those around you! (Contact Us for book recommendations)

6. Reach out to a Muslim neighbor or coworker and show kindness and interest in their lives (ask THEM to explain Ramadan to you and how they celebrate!).

7. Pray each day for the believers who are living and serving Muslim communities (for opportunities to share, strong relationships to form, love to abound, teams to thrive, etc.).

8. Talk to your community group or fellow believers about the month of Ramadan and spread cultural awareness about the importance of this month (Contact Rodney if you want to get in touch with a 121 missionary!).

9. Partner with World Relief to serve some of the thousands of displaced Muslim refugees. (Contact Bryan if you want to connect with a refugee family!)

10. Invite 3 people to join with you in whatever you choose! (ripple effect!)

Contact us for more information about how to share the good news of Christ with a Muslim friend, neighbor, or co-worker, or how to connect to ministries in DFW and around the world!