See For Yourself T42
Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.”

Thus far, we have focused on those who have doubts about the faith. But what about those who have a childlike faith, who believed immediately when they heard? Jesus called these people blessed. When Jesus blessed those with childlike faith, He also blesses us. In context, Jesus was dealing with people who could see His physical body. We cannot. All believers alive today fall into the category of those Jesus described here.

We cannot see Jesus, but we can know Him through faith. We are not at a disadvantage to these first disciples. Our faith is just as real and just as sure as the faith of someone who saw Jesus walk the earth. In fact, in the Bible we have something certain (2 Pet. 2:19). The same as with the doubter, the Holy Spirit grants belief. We all must have the veil removed to behold Jesus. For some, this happens more quickly than others.

Both the skeptic and the person of simple faith are loved and accepted by Jesus. All are blessed to know Him. Remember, no matter who you are or where you come from, the ground is level at the foot of the cross. Tiered Christianity doesn’t exist; we just need simple faith.

  • Do you have simple faith, or do you tend to doubt? What comfort have you received from Jesus?
  • In either case, what was it that first drew you to Jesus?
  • Thank Jesus for drawing you near to Him.