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Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

“Pure in heart” refers to someone who is authentically righteous and cleansed from sin. A crucial difference exists between real purity and the appearance of purity. The Pharisees faked purity by their outward behavior, just like people can fake purity with their good works today. However, true purity of heart is given to the person who mourns his or her spiritual bankruptcy and hungers and thirsts for God’s righteousness through a personal relationship with Christ. Once again, the truths of the Beatitudes build upon and complement one another. 

The Bible used images of a crucible to explain the refining nature of purity (Proverbs 17:3, Zechariah 13:9). As a metal worker heated silver or gold in a crucible, the heat of the fire removed the metal’s impurities. The worker knew that the metal was pure when he could see his reflection in the metal. The same is true of our lives. The more impurities are purged, the more clearly we see God. This is what the last part of this verse means. The reward of dedicating ourselves to a biblical standard of purity is the ability to see ourselves more clearly in light of who God is. This is what makes the pursuit of purity “blessed.” The more pure we are, the closer our communion with God is, and His joy becomes alive to us.

  • How does culture define “pure in heart”? How is culture’s definition different from Jesus’ definition?
  • Is purity something that you desire? If not, why not?
  • Pray that you would desire the type of purity evident in the life of Jesus.