Short term teams are sent to serve alongside 121’s partners and missionaries, and they are great opportunities to build relationships with these leaders, local believers, and teammates from 121.

Please contact with any questions.

Steps to Going:

1. Pray and ask questions
2. Apply for a trip using the link provided in the trip description below
3. Pay the $250 Deposit
4. Apply for (or renew) your Passport for international trips
5. Commit to all team meetings and preparation
6. Build a Sending Team (this will be explained at our first trip meeting)
7. Go!

Upcoming 121 Trips & Opportunities:

Honduras Spring Break

March 7-12, 2020

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and nearly two thirds of the nation's population lives below the poverty line. UNICEF estimates there are over 170,000 orphans in Honduras. Orphan Outreach ministers in Honduras by partnering with local orphanages, churches, and Christian schools for children in extreme poverty situations. The plan for this trip is to minister to teachers and staff of NiCo while putting on a camp for the students that attend NiCo.

If you are interested, please contact

Czech Republic

July 2-14, 2020

Partnering with Young Life in Ostrava to help lead a junior English camp of Middle School students ages 8-14.

The Czech Republic is the 2nd most atheistic country in Europe with over 55% of the Czech people professing to be atheists, and many more living as functional atheists. By teaching English, or leading a Workshop, we will have the unique opportunity to connect with and build relationships with many students who do not yet know Jesus. This year is a church wide trip, not just a student trip.

If you are interested, please contact or fill out this trip application form.

Honduras Middle School Families

July 11-18, 2020

NiCo is a comprehensive community based program located in the town of La Paz. The children attending NiCo come from families living in extreme poverty. They often only eat one meal a day (if that), do not have access to clear water, have no electricity, and no sewage infrastructure. NiCo seeks to help provide a quality education and support services for children and families who are in need. This trip is designed for 121 Middle School Families.

If you are interested, please contact or fill out the trip application form.


July 19-26, 2020

Only 4% of Seattle's population is active in a church, and 121 has partnered with The Hallows Church to reach people in two areas of the city. We will serve with them in Play Dayz, a recreational camp for kids near the Fremont area. Later in the week, there will be a first-time outreach in western Seattle, Party in the Park. Join us for this fantastic opportunity in a beautiful but spiritually needy place!

If you are interested, please contact or fill out the trip application form.