What We Are About

Leading the Next Generation to Live for Jesus Christ.

The Way We Do It

It is our desire that every person is living for Jesus Christ, so we have an intentional plan from birth through graduation, to partner with parents, and place influential adults in the life of each child and student, to maximize the likelihood that this desire becomes a reality. That integrated plan plays out both at home with parents and in the context of peer LifeGroups with influential adult leaders, as well as through events, parent seminars, serving opportunities, and mission opportunities.

Parent Partnership

Regardless of what we do as a church, we believe strongly that our efforts bear lasting fruit only if the parents are fulfilling their God-given role as spiritual leaders. Ways that we partner with and equip parents as spiritual leaders include: Coaching parents 1on1 on ways they can lead their specific family at home. Providing opportunities for family to be on mission together. Equipping our LifeGroup leaders to partner with you as the parent. Offering occasional equipping seminars for parents. Hosting events designed to strengthen the heart connect between parent and child. Conducting parent-child dedications. A special time when parents pledge themselves to follow the Lord’s leadership in the development of their child, while the church in turn pledges to support the parent on that journey.

For a more detailed look at our spiritual development strategies by age group, download this pdf.