Denise Keeter

Administration Director

My journey with Christ began at the age of 12. I have been married to Neil since 1989, we have three sons and one daughter, three are in college and the youngest is a senior in high school. I joined the staff of 121 in 2010 and my current role is Administration Director.

My previous career was as an accountant (boring) and then I spent 17 years at home with our family (always exciting). I love being able to teach kids and have volunteered in 121Kids for the past nine years. I think a child’s laughter is the best thing ever and love seeing little ones come into a relationship with Christ. I think laughter and time spent with loved ones is a treasured gift from God. I am inspired by seeing God’s Word played out in real life and by other’s journeys to Christ.

I would rather be at a sporting event than shopping. I love to travel. I grew up in the deep south so I am passionate about my Mom’s fried chicken & biscuits, football, Nascar, Carolina basketball and that other type of BBQ. I think cleaning and organizing are fun. Chips and salsa is the best snack ever. My favorite TV channel is ESPN.