Jermaine Arphul

Student Minister

My name is Jermaine, and I like pancakes from Cracker Barrel, waffles made from my griddle, and doughnuts from Shipley’s. That’s all you need to know!

No, seriously, I have to say that I am extremely ecstatic to be on staff at 121! God has been preparing me for this role for a long time, and I am grateful that I can honor Him.

For 25+ years of my life I was running from God and towards death. I tried very very hard to do life on my own. But God had different plans for me, and I finally accepted Him around the time I met my soon to be wife, Megan Arphul. And I have been running WITH Him ever since! I can positively say that I am led by Him and through our Lord Jesus have conquered sin. “…because greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4)! Amen.

Speaking of my wife, Megan. I have been married to her since March 2012, and we have two beautiful babies, James and Lily Kay Arphul. I have a younger sister, and parents that are from Ghana, Africa! Cool! Ask me about them, and maybe we can go there sometime! That would be a cool mission trip, right? Yeah, sign me up!

Glory be to God, and let’s run towards Him!