Matt Coleman

Video Producer

At the turn of the century when Christianity was at dilemma’s door, a farmer with ambition and passion for storytelling was birthed amidst the turmoil. As he grew fond of his family’s hard efforts to make ends meet, he always had an all too familiar story to tell. Soon he married, had children, who in turn had their own children, who in turn had their own child…. That is where my story begins….

As a kid I always loved pretending and telling stories. The day my parents brought home an old 8mm video camera, my stories were finally able to be seen by an audience…. mostly myself and friends. I started editing VCR to VCR, with the occasional boom box dubbed in to add soundtracks to my videos. Eventually I moved forward in college still making fun, pointless videos, and finally after graduation I had no desire to use my eduction degree, but desired to pursue filmmaking. I did this by freelancing on local films and interning at production companies when I could. I soon joined 121 Community Church, and began as a volunteer making videos for Ross’ sermons, while at the same time starting my own video production business. Since joining the 121 staff in 2004, I have had the pleasure of producing amazing stories and traveling the world to bring back images of God’s work being done by the hands of the 121 people.

I am inspired by music that arcs or builds to a strong climax and by films by Michael Mann, Tony and Ridley Scott, and JJ Abrams.

I like to people watch.