Ross Sawyers

Lead Pastor

I love thinking about who I am in Christ in that I am chosen, adopted, redeemed, forgiven and sealed by the Spirit! It is a gift to serve as pastor of 121cc and give leadership to what God’s desires are in this body of believers. I am passionate about living for Jesus Christ and leading other people to follow Him full on. I absolutely love my wife, Lisa, and enjoy time with her. I am also passionate about my relationship with my two sons, Andrew and Barrett. I greatly value time with my family as we grow in spiritual depth, hang out at meals, laugh, and play together. I am grateful for my friends, and I enjoy working out.

I am inspired by Jesus Christ and I do not say that lightly. I also find great inspiration from those men and women throughout the centuries that have suffered and died for their faith. And today, when I hear of people in other parts of the world and what they joyfully endure for the sake of Christ, I am encouraged to press on!

I cannot wait each year for the possibility of snow skiing! Nothing better!