Hard Conversations Workshop: Can We Trust The Bible?

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As followers of Jesus, we’ve probably all been asked – or maybe even wondered ourselves:

  • Why do we follow some parts of the Bible and not others?
  • Why don’t we follow all the Old Testament laws? Isn’t that inconsistent? Or worse yet, hypocritical?
  • Is the Bible inconsistent? What do we do with the apparent inconsistencies?
  • Has 1 Corinthians 6 been mis-translated? Many progressive Christians seem to think so, leading them to believe homo-sexuality is not a sin. Is this true?
  • How do we handle passages that don’t line up with our present day cultural norms?

Join us on January 22, from 2:30 – 4 as we take a look at all these questions and more. We’ll have open discussions followed by a Q & A Session – with the end goal to help you walk away with a better understanding of how to answer these hard questions.

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