Summer Bible Study – Deuteronomy: Unlocking the Old Testament

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The Old Testament can be difficult and overwhelming. Do you struggle to understand and apply it? Maybe you set out to read the Bible in a year and stalled out in the books of the law?

But when we really understand how it points to Jesus and how these covenants are applicable to us today, the Old Testament comes alive. And the key, or hub, of the Old Testament is the book of Deuteronomy. Looking both backward at what God has done and forward to His coming plan, Deuteronomy gives us a map of the Old Testament and helps us to understand God’s law, covenants, and the grace he lavishes on His people – ultimately on us! This is why Jesus and the New Testament writers quote Deuteronomy so frequently.

Join us for our 10 week Summer Bible Study – Deuteronomy: Unlocking the Old Testament on Tuesday nights from 6:30 – 8p beginning May 30. (We will NOT meet on July 4th)

This study will be a mix of teaching and discussion. We will wrestle through many difficulty questions like:

  • Is the law applicable to us today? If so, how do we apply it?
  • How should we understand passages that talk about slavery, genocide, commands that seem harsh, or curses and blessings
  • How do we reconcile these commands with what we see in the New Testament?

We can’t wait to see how all of these things point to Jesus and highlight the Beauty and goodness of God.

Childcare will be available. The cost is $45 for one child for all 10 sessions. Each additional child is $15.

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