Garrett Jones

7th Grade Boys LifeGroup Leader

Tell us about your family.

My beautiful wife, Dana, and I are newlyweds – just squeezing in our wedding before COVID-19 struck the US! Dana brought a little 4yr old, 15lb Rat-Terrier mix named Olliver (“Ollie”) into our marriage who is obsessed with tennis balls, and together, we adopted a Labradoodle puppy named Jasmine (“Jazz”) who was born in January 2020 and thinks every morning is Christmas and lives for food.

What do you do for fun?

Dana and I just got a house with a swimming pool, so we enjoy swimming, grilling out, playing with our dogs, and hosting. We love going to coffee shops together and imagining we have our own cafe at home, trying out different coffees and pours – My favorite is a Chemex with Cafe Marrese Beans!

I love playing just about every sport you can think of and exploring new places, local and abroad.

Why are you passionate about serving with students?

I believe that the best way to get plugged into the church is through serving. As students prepare for the next stages of life, whether that’s the next semester, sports, college, dating, marriage, or career, it’s a crucial time to establish a strong foundation in Jesus. I don’t know where I’d be if there weren’t key people in my life who invested in me.

What would you like to say to the parents?

I’m excited to do life with your kids and share the love of Christ. I pray that my influence in their lives strengthens and compliments your relationship as a family.