Kristin Riewe

9th Grade Girls LifeGroup Leader

Tell us about your family.

I am married to my awesome hubby David! We have 2 crazy kiddos, Tristan and Samantha, who keep us laughing and having fun! Tristan is about to start college and Samantha is about to take on middle school!! We also have our 2 Doggy fur babies; Hiley our furry toddler and Pepper, our cranky fuzzy old man.

What do you do for fun?

I love cooking, swimming, running and All things TACOS !! I love watching football GO COUGARS and GO TEXANS!! And cheering on my kiddos in everything that they do! And Tacos!

Why are you passionate about serving with students?

I love hanging out with these kids. I love hearing about their experiences in school, extra curricular everything and drama with friends. Getting to See the world through their eyes and how they want to conquer it is such a unique privilege. I love that anything and everything is on the table and you never know how or what is coming next, but it’s gonna be interesting!

What would you like to say to the parents?

It’s truly an honor to spend time with your daughters. My hope is to be a voice of encouragement for them and help grow their confidence in themselves and support them in their faith walk.