Safety & Security

How we keep your child safe

If you are a guest at 121 you will be asked to fill out a guest info card. This can be done at the Information Desk in the main lobby or inside CreationLand at the counter. Upon checking in you will receive a numbered label with your child’s name & classroom information. You will have a matching number. Upon picking up your child you will be asked to show the number you received so we can match it with the child’s. If you are needed in service your number will appear at the bottom of the screens located on either side of the Worship Center. If your number appears, please come to CreationLand’s counter.

Security Cameras

There are security cameras in all rooms. There is a TV monitor located in the front area of CreationLand and you are welcome to look in on your child at the monitor at anytime. Twenty minutes after each service we will no longer allow anyone who is not actually helping in CreationLand to go past our front area. If you need to pick up a child early, you will need to give the person at CreationLand’s counter your ID tag and wait for them to bring your child to you. If you are running late, once you have been checked in, the person at the CreationLand counter will take your child to his/her classroom. The security and safety of your child is one of our major concerns.

LIfeGroup Leaders & Helpers

Our LifeGroup Leaders in the toddler, preschool and kindergarten classes, as well as the helpers in the Nursery, are made up of volunteers who have trusted Christ as their personal Savior and desire to share the love of Jesus with our children. We provide the materials, curriculum, facilities and training to equip our Preschool volunteers.

Wellness Policy

We ask that you keep your child at home if any of the following symptoms and/or illnesses are present:

  • Diarrhea / vomiting
  • Infectious rashes / illnesses
  • Persistent cough
  • Impetigo
  • Chicken pox
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Pink eye
  • Fever in the past 24 hrs.(temp over 100.4°)

LifeGroup leaders and/or Nursery Helpers are not permitted to give any type of medication so please administer medications before or after the service. If your child becomes ill during the service, you will be notified.