College Student A-Team

Leader Guide

The college student A Team consists of an individual and/or their family who are willing to communicate and care for the designated college student. This role is a vital part to care for our college students who are in a new environment. Though they may not be there with the student, they will serve as an advocate and support towards our students.

The A Team is responsible to minister to, communicate with, and advocate for the college student. They will need to expect to potentially be the primary one who reaches out because of the busy lifestyle of college students. They will also need to consider other ways to support and care for the student (sending letters, sending care packages, asking specific ways to pray for them, meeting them when they come home, etc.). They will need to reach out at least once a month, whether it is text message, phone call, or Facetime/Zoom.

College Student Stressors


Newfound freedom leads students to feeling confused or overwhelmed. In addition to being in a new place, they are faced with new challenges and difficult situations.


Many college students do not live close to families, so that could create a riff in communication or a stress on the relationship. This could lead to isolation, arguments, depression, etc.

Mental Health

With the new added stress and different environment, many struggle with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, new types of insecurity, alcoholism, drug use, etc.

Peer Conflict

College students must adjust to new roommates, new environments, and many new individuals. Conflict can arise due to broken individuals and different viewpoints.

Emotional Support

College students need emotional support during times of confusion or stress. Oftentimes, they don’t know how to reach for help, so they need supporters who can reach out.


Doing ministry on campus can be intimidating. This may be more stressful than others would think. Help your student research local churches they can get plugged into. 

Ways You Can Help

One of the best ways to help college students is by becoming a mentor through our A-Team Program. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, please click the button below to apply.


You can encourage your student through words of affirmation or sending them Scripture. Feel free to send them a text!


Commit to pray for your student. This time is overwhelming for them, so lift them and their heart up to the Lord.


Be available for your student to talk to you. There are many things to process during this time, so be an active listener.

Check In

Although college is busy, reach out to your college student to see if they need anything, and that they are doing okay!

Leader FAQs

If your college student has not responded in a few weeks, give them some grace and space. College is a crazy busy time, and they are probably just trying to get their feet under them. Try giving it another week or two and give them an encouraging reminder that you are there for them if they need anything!

We ask that you commit to this student for at least a year. If this is something the Lord wants you to continue doing past the year mark, then feel free to continue the mentorship!

We would love it if you could find time to hangout with your college student while they are in town. Sometimes college students are busy seeing friends and family when they are home, so do keep that in mind in case they do not have availability. 

Student FAQs

While things can get hectic and crazy, do your best to communicate that to your A Team leader. It’s as simple as sending a quick text, and that will give your leader the opportunity to pray for you and your busy season.

We ask that you commit for at least a year. If this is something the Lord wants you to continue doing past the year mark, then feel free to continue!

We would love it if you could find time to hangout with your A Team leader while you are in town. Although coming home may be filled with seeing friends and family, we ask that you at least try to find a time to catch up with your A Team leader.