Resident and Intern Programs

121 is committed to raising up men and women, who will serve as the next generation of ministry leaders: planting churches, leading churches, reaching the nations, and reaching others in the marketplace. The 121 Residency and Intern programs are designed to equip them for the work of ministry by giving them real ministry experience and theological learning.

The Residency Program

The Residency Program is for those who are called into vocational ministry and need some experience/learning to prepare and explore this calling. This may be someone who is ready to enter the workforce for the first time or someone who is considering a mid-career transition.

 This is a 1-year program (with possibility of extending to 2 years), where the resident works 12-25 hours per week (depending on the goals/availability of the participant).


  • Lead a ministry area (under the direct supervision of a 121 minister)
  • Complete a ministry project
  • Meet regularly with a mentor for personal discipleship
  • Meet regularly to mentor others in personal discipleship and evangelism
  • Participate in theological education
  • Immersive ministry experiences

Areas of Focus: 

  • Adult discipleship (groups, men’s/women’s’ ministry, young adult ministry, equipping)
  • Kids & Students
  • Missions
  • Worship and Technical Arts
  • Communications
  • Care

*There are limited number of roles available in each area

**Depending on the goals of the participant, we can combine some of these to give slightly broader experience.

The Intern Program

The Intern program is a semester long program for those who are in college or exploring career options. Interns may or may not be exploring a ministry career. The program will give the participant direct ministry experience and discipleship that they can use to make a kingdom impact in whatever ministry God places them, whether it is in Afghanistan or and accounting firm.