Imagine digging your Bible out of a hole from a forest floor, brushing dirt off the pages so you and your family could read God’s Word together.

Imagine never having a Bible in your own language—because translating it is forbidden by the government.

Imagine converting from another faith to Christianity, and then having your home and family endangered because you have the Word of God in your home.

Or imagine risking death because you have a Bible in your home.

All of these scenarios are real situations faced by real Christians in different places around the world where God’s Word is a target.

Assume that you know in 44 days you will no longer have a paper or electronic copy of the scriptures. In these days, it is crucial to get God’s Word tucked away in your heart. Here are 3 optional plans to go for it or come up with your own plan to hide God’s Word in your heart. Let’s go for it motivated by God’s love for us and His desire to know His word above all.

You can select from 3 options for your 7 week memorization plan:

  • Plan A: 2 verses a week – 14 verses
  • Plan B: 5 verses a week – 35 verses
  • Plan C: 15 verses a week of 1 Peter – 105 verses