Plan C

1 Peter

This seems like an immense task; how can I ever memorize an entire book of the Bible?! In many cases it is in fact actually easier to go line by line through a book. Here would be a plan for you to show you how it is possible to take this book in little pieces every day until you have the entire book memorized.

Memorization Method

One of the most effective systems for memorization is to use the cycling method. It involves you daily working on a new verse while simultaneously working back on previous verses.

Day 1 – Start with your verse

Day 2 – Start with yesterday’s verse and then today’s verse

Day 3+ – Start with yesterday’s verse, then all the old verses together, then the new one.

This cycle will repeat until you feel you have confidence that you have all of these verses down and can then file them away. It is a good practice to pull them out again in 3-4 weeks to go back through them again for long term memory success.

Obviously, the “old verses altogether” stage will soon swell to take the most time of all. That’s exactly the way it should be. Soon your days will be filled with you meditating on scripture day and night!

Weekly Schedule Sample

Verse List