Leading Kids to Live for Jesus Christ

About 121KIDS

We are intentional about pouring into the next generation. These formative years set the pace for developing lifelong faith. In order to do this our kids need to: Be Known, Be Shown and Own Their Faith.

Each of our ministries are designed to give our kids each of these elements. This starts CreationLand with our newborns and goes all the way through when they graduate high school.

As we seek to shape a child’s knowledge and understanding of who God is and who they are in light of Him, we will provide large group worship time to engage them and ignite involvement, small group time to teach and discuss, along with activities to bring God’s word to life. 121 Kids provides spaces not only for kids to worship, learn and engage, but to also put living for Jesus into action. Kids will have opportunities to serve, share their faith, participate in worship and events with their families, go on missions, and grow further at camp.

More Information About 121KIDS


CreationLand includes newborns through Kindergarten.

1st – 5th Graders

1st – 5th graders meet every Sunday at 9:15am & 11am.


The Crew is a team of 2nd-5th graders who have a heart to serve on Sunday mornings in a variety of ways!