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Support Our Global Workers

Short term teams are sent to serve alongside 121’s partners and missionaries, and they are great opportunities to build relationships with these leaders, local believers, and teammates from 121.

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Steps to Going:

Pray and ask questions

Apply for a trip using the link provided in the trip description below

Pay the $250 Deposit

Apply for (or renew) your Passport for international trips

Commit to all team meetings and preparation

Build a Sending Team (this will be explained at our first trip meeting)


Upcoming Trips in 2024


Dates: July 2 – 9

Participants: High schoolers

Purpose: High schoolers are invited to contribute to church planting initiatives in New York City, fostering spiritual growth and community strength. The experience is designed to empower youth with hands-on service and leadership development in an urban context.


Dates: June 16-June 22

Participants: Open to Everyone

Purpose: This outreach trip to Honduras aims to support and uplift Orphan Outreach staff, children and families through community engagement and service. Open to all, it provides a meaningful way to contribute to the well-being of others while experiencing a different culture.


Dates: June 27- July 9

Participants: High Schoolers

Purpose: The trip to the Czech Republic offers high school students the chance to engage in a cross-cultural exchange, promoting understanding and service. Students will participate in summer camps, in addition to local projects aiding in community development while gaining global perspectives.


Dates: July 7-July 13

Participants: 4th-6th graders with parents

Purpose: Tailored for younger students and their parents, this trip to Honduras focuses on family-engaged service and cultural exchange. It’s an opportunity to serve together, learn from local communities, and create lasting family memories.


Dates: July

Participants: Families

Purpose: Families will bond through service in the Dominican Republic, engaging in projects that support local education and community development. This trip offers a platform for families to make a positive impact while learning about a new culture together.


Dates: July 12-July 21

Participants: Junior/Seniors Students

Purpose: Junior and senior high school students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Uganda‘s culture, contributing to educational, summer camp, and community support projects. This trip is designed to broaden students’ horizons and instill a sense of global citizenship through service.


Dates: July 21-Aug 1

Participants: Young Adults (Limited space available)

Purpose: Young adults are called to engage deeply with Indian communities, participating in initiatives that promote cultural understanding and community development In India. This selective program offers a profound experience in one of the world’s most vibrant cultural landscapes.


Dates: July 20 – 28

Participants: Open to Everyone

Purpose: Open to all, this mission to Guinea is a chance to provide aid alongside local & international medical teams, and foster cultural connections with local communities. Volunteers will participate in a range of activities aimed at improving the quality of life for residents while experiencing the rich culture of Guinea.


Dates: October 5-12

Participants: Young Adults

Purpose: In Egypt, young adults will have the chance to engage in cultural exchange, building meaningful relationships with local college students. This trip is centered on sharing life experiences, fostering understanding, and exploring the potential for intercultural spiritual conversations.

Are You Ready?


Short-term mission trips are valuable when they contribute to the long-term vision of the work going on in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. The purpose of the trips is to leave a lasting impact long after the team is gone. Short-term Missions impact YOU.

Going on a trip includes committing to pre-trip prep. This varies by trip but is critical to go informed, united as a team, and prepared to serve.