2023 Student Life Camp For Kids

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Calling all completed 3rd through 5th graders! You’re invited to join us at Student Life Camp for Kids from June 8-11th. This year we’ll be heading to Mt. Lebanon Retreat and Conference Center in Cedar Hill, Tx!

This year’s camp theme is designed to help your kids understand Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Gravity doesn’t affect astronauts when they enter space. As soon as they lift off into the far reaches of our atmosphere, they’re weightless, floating in and around their spaceship! Before sin entered the world, we were kinda like astronauts. There was no evil or darkness that made the world heavy. Our world is heavy because of sin, and that’s not the way that it was meant to be. In 2023, Student Life Kids Camp is on a mission to figure out how to live in a heavy world and how we can defy gravity through Jesus Christ! Not only are we going to learn how trusting in Jesus changes our life, but how we can be a part of God’s plan to help others lift off and start a relationship with Him.

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Here is a link to the parent page. Please be sure to fill out the waiver form that says “FOR ALL OTHER LOCATIONS”. Our registration code is 81224

Please note, a participation form MUST be notarized before going to camp.

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